Discover Rio Rancho Clear Aligners

At Northview Orthodontics, Dr. Jason Klingler, Dr. Drew McDonald, and our skilled team offer cutting-edge orthodontic solutions from our conveniently located office in Albuquerque. We specialize in clear aligner technology, providing a modern, discreet way to perfect your smile.

rio rancho clear aligners

The Revolution of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have transformed orthodontics by offering an almost invisible method to straighten teeth without the wires and brackets associated with traditional braces. This innovative treatment has rapidly gained popularity for its aesthetic appeal and effectiveness. Our Rio Rancho clear aligners are custom-made using advanced 3D imaging technology to fit snugly over your teeth, gradually moving them into the desired position. They are ideal for adults and teens seeking a less noticeable, more comfortable orthodontic solution that doesn't interfere with their lifestyle.

rio rancho clear aligners

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

The clear aligner treatment process at Northview Orthodontics starts with a free consultation, where one of our orthodontists will take precise digital impressions of your teeth. These impressions are used to create a 3D model of your mouth, which forms the basis for designing your custom aligners. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks before switching to the next in the series, gradually shifting your teeth toward their optimal position. The Rio Rancho clear aligners are made from a smooth, BPA-free plastic that is both comfortable and virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth discreetly.

Benefits of Choosing Clear Aligners

Choosing our Rio Rancho clear aligners provides several compelling benefits, such as:

Aesthetic Appeal

Clear aligners are virtually invisible, making them an excellent option for those who prefer a discreet way to straighten their teeth.


Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are made from smooth plastic with no sharp edges, providing a comfortable fit that doesn't irritate your gums or cheeks.


Clear aligners are removable, allowing you to eat and drink what you want during treatment without the restrictions associated with fixed braces.

Improved Oral Hygiene

With the ability to remove the aligners, you can brush and floss normally, helping to keep your teeth and gums healthy.


For many cases, clear aligner treatment can be completed in a comparable timeframe to traditional braces, depending on the complexity of the case.

Customization and Precision

Each set of clear aligners is tailored to fit the unique contours of your teeth, ensuring precise tooth movement and more predictable results.

rio rancho clear aligners

Start Your Clear Aligner Journey Today!

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