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Dr. Jason Klingler and Dr. Drew McDonald believe everyone should have access to orthodontic care for a stunning straight smile. At Northview Orthodontics, you’ll find a full range of orthodontics for children, teens, and adults at our office in Albuquerque.

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Orthodontics for Children

Traditionally, the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) has emphasized the importance of evaluating every child by the age of seven to identify early signs of growth and development issues.

However, recent technological advancements and research have significantly enhanced our understanding of the impact of underlying health conditions, including airway, TMJ, and tongue dysfunction, on the development of bite issues in young children.

Consequently, the signs of these issues can now be recognized much earlier than the age of seven, meaning better airway, sleep, and jaw growth from a young age.

Leveraging this knowledge, Dr. Klingler has a unique opportunity to identify early signs of airway and jaw growth issues in young children and create proactive treatment plans to prevent these problems before they escalate into more significant health and bite issues as your child ages.

By addressing your child's airway and TMJ issues early, Dr. Klingler can contribute significantly to your child's overall health, facilitating the proper growth and development of their jaws and teeth.

Signs Your Child Needs Early Treatment

The following are common early signs of airway or jaw growth and development issues that can be detected in young children. If you see these with your child at any age, we can help be part of the solution:

  • Habitually breathing with their mouth open (rather than through their nose)
  • Trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep through the night
  • Grinding their teeth at night
  • Frequent bed-wetting
  • Dark circles under their eyes
  • Daytime tiredness or irritability
  • Trouble maintaining focus throughout the day or ADHD
  • Excessive sugar cravings
  • Teeth crowding at a young age (even with baby teeth still present)
  • Clicking or popping jaw joints
  • Small upper or lower jaw growth
  • Asymmetric lower jaw growth

Dr. Klingler often collaborates with other health professionals, such as ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors, sleep physicians, and myo-functional therapists, among other specialists, in an interdisciplinary approach to help your child get the best health and orthodontic results.

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Orthodontics for Teens

Our goal during orthodontic treatment is to establish a lasting balance between a beautiful smile and a healthy, functional bite.

We’re dedicated to streamlining the treatment process to ensure that your teen spends the least amount of time in braces possible.

The best time to start comprehensive orthodontic treatment coincides with your child's growth spurt, which generally occurs between the ages of 12 and 14 for females and between 14 and 16 for males.

Our team recognizes that every teen is unique, and certain orthodontic issues may benefit from more effective treatment at different stages of growth. The duration of your teen’s treatment hinges on the complexity of their specific orthodontic concerns.

When timed appropriately, most teen patients can expect their treatment to last one and a half to two years. In the end, they’ll have aligned teeth and cultivate a healthy bite.

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Dr. Klingler excels in the comprehensive evaluation of your child's growth and development.

During your free consultation, they’ll assess your records and provide informed guidance on the best time to start your teen’s orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics for Adults

You can get a beautiful smile and a healthier you at any age! At Northview Orthodontics, Dr. Klingler has extensive experience treating adults, so you can feel confident that your smile is in good hands.

Northview Orthodontics delivers the best results for adults.

Our team is highly experienced with adult treatment and works together with our colleagues in a team approach to designing a seamless dental experience.

We complete a full diagnostic workup and learn about you and your lifestyle so that we can tailor your customized treatment to fit your life and lifestyle while giving you the best results possible.

We confidently offer our adult patients the best care including:

  • Comprehensive adult treatment - completely fixing your bite
  • Airway-Directed Orthodontic Treatment
  • Non-Surgical expansion of the Jaws
  • TMJ therapy
  • Orthognathic surgical orthodontics
  • Periodontal surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment (SFOT)
  • Pre-prosthetic orthodontics for full-mouth restorations
  • Esthetic treatment - enhancing your smile, but not fully correcting your bite.
Get Your Best Smile at Any Age

You may not look a day over 18, but your body’s inner workings have changed. With age potentially come additional complexities to orthodontic treatment that are often not present in young patients.

Tempormandibular joint (TMJ) issues, airway problems, worn or missing teeth, gum recession, and badly aligned jaws, combined with the fact that you are no longer actively growing, are just a few complexities that are seen more often in adults than younger patients.

As a result, adult orthodontic treatment is often a team effort involving your restorative dentist and potentially other dental specialists to help you achieve the smile and health benefits you’ve wanted.

We utilize the latest techniques and technologies to truly diagnose and design your treatment to benefit your overall health and give you the beautiful smile you deserve!

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Why Should You Think About Orthodontic Treatment?


Straight Teeth Are Healthy

After Dr. Klingler aligns your teeth correctly, it’s easier for you to clean them through regular flossing and brushing. This helps prevent other oral issues, including some problems that can affect your overall health.


A Straight Smile Builds Confidence & Self-Esteem

Successful orthodontic treatment at Northview Orthodontics can help boost your self-confidence, create a better quality of life, and allow you to smile freely for maybe the first time.

Untreated Oral Issues Will Get Worse

If you refuse or delay orthodontic treatment when our team recommends it, you may run into long-term health issues that may wind up costing you more in the end.

At Northview Orthodontics, our doctors understand that teens, kids, and adults all have unique dental needs, so we give each age group personal care.

We’ll work diligently for you to make sure you receive the most appropriate treatment at our inviting office in Albuquerque.

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