Short-term Orthodontic Treatment for Life’s Big Events

Show off the Best Version of You With a Confident Smile

Whether you’re planning a wedding, interviewing for a big career opportunity, or just seeing old friends at your reunion, having a stunning, confident smile is important for showing off the best version of you.

That’s why we offer short-term, esthetic orthodontic treatment options for adults who only want cosmetic teeth alignment and less time in braces than traditional orthodontics.

Esthetic treatment is most suited for touching up relapsed crowding after previous orthodontic treatment; however, select patients who have never had orthodontic treatment before can also benefit from esthetic treatment.

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I came in for my consultation and everyone was so welcoming that I just didn’t look anywhere else…it was perfect! Every time I come in everyone is so kindhearted and they are very honest about the expectations of my teeth and the time that I am going to have my braces on.

- Demetria

Make Sure You See a Specialist

Even though it’s not full orthodontic treatment, Dr. Klingler feels strongly that a highly trained orthodontic specialist should perform any orthodontic care.

We have hundreds of thousands of hours of experience and know how to create a beautiful smile efficiently and safely.

If your immediate smile needs require short-term esthetic treatment, you deserve to have it done by the highly trained specialist, Dr. Klingler.

What's the Difference Between Esthetic & Comprehensive Treatment?

You might be asking yourself, “Why does comprehensive treatment take so much longer than short-term treatment if your smile looks about the same afterwards?” The answer is that the goal of esthetic treatment is to only align teeth into a more cosmetic smile (which takes ~6 months) while not correcting the patient’s bite issues such as overbites or under bites (if they exist).

Conversely, the goals of comprehensive treatment are to align teeth for a cosmetic smile, but also to correct issues with the patient’s bite. The process of fully correcting a patient’s bite can take an additional 12-18 months after the teeth are aligned, accounting for the extra time in braces seen in comprehensive treatment.

So why does your bite even matter anyway? Your bite is how your teeth and jaws fit and function together. If your bite is not correctly aligned, it can lead to larger issues with your jaws and teeth such as chronic jaw and muscle pain, grinding and premature wear/cracking of teeth, gum recession, and speech problems.

For these reasons, Dr. Klingler recommend that patients whom have not had previous orthodontic care and decide to undergo short-term esthetic orthodontic treatment for immediate reasons consider full correction of their bite in a later round of orthodontics.

What Can You Expect From Esthetic Treatment?

After Dr. Klingler completes a thorough diagnostic work up and evaluation of your teeth and smile, he will go over pros and cons of esthetic treatment so that you are fully informed.

The goal of esthetic orthodontic treatment is to align teeth into a more cosmetically attractive smile. This process usually takes 4-6 months to complete, regardless of if your treatment is short-term or comprehensive.

Dr. Klingler is an expert in multiple systems of moving teeth and offers options of lingual braces (behind-the-teeth braces that are literally invisible), Invisalign® clear aligners, and clear braces to accomplish your cosmetic alignment while being as concealable as possible.

After your teeth are aligned and your new smile is achieved, Dr. Klingler will remove your braces and provide retainers to ensure your teeth do not move back to where they were before.